Odyssey Golf Marxman X-Act Putting Wedge


Odyssey Golf Marxman X-Act Putting Wedgeicon

Designed to help your short game, the Odyssey Gof Marxman X-Act is a chipper—a club that looks like a putter with an angled face. The idea is that when you get to those tricky, just off the green shots, you can use this club with a relatively straightforward and safe putter stroke. The angled face will pop the ball up and then quickly get it rolling toward the hole.

In addition to the putter length and the angled face, the X-Act has a wide sole to help eliminate stubbing, and a two-stripe alignment system. A polymer insert like other Odyssey putters has no grooves and is supposed to limit backspin, allowing the ball to roll more true.

I had the opportunity to try one of these and really liked it.  The only question would be which club you would remove from your bag to put this one in. I’d actually suggest the driver, since most higher handicappers—the ones who most need a chipper—should be teeing off with a three wood anyway. But if you really can’t give up the big dog, you could get rid of that lob wedge you can’t consistently use.

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