Ogio Flight SS Schling Stand Bags

Ogio makes golf bags with attitude, and the new Schling system is no exception. The Schling is a unique new system that lets you place the weight of the bag on both shoulders at the same time—no sliding it on one shoulder and then the other.


I’ve got an Ogio cart bag and it’s loaded with lots of features and nice little touches. This Flight SS Stand Bag has a lot of the same, with full length club dividers, a cradle for a bungee loop, nine pockets, a fleece valuables pocket, score card, pencil and cell phone pockets, and a nifty trunk handle. THere’s also a golf tee holder and velcro patches for your glove.

The only think I don’t like is the cell phone holder. I don’t think that we should encourage the barbarians.

Ogio Flight SS Shling Stand Bags

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