Old School Golf Blog

At last! Something new in the Golf Blogging World.

Old School Golf Blog is—as the author writes:

A celebration of golf as it was meant to be played – windswept links, walking the course, plaid pants, persimmon and blades, deft fades, bump and runs; an artful game of feel, shotmaking, strategy, and tradition.

It’s a great angle. While others concentate on the latest and greatest, Old School Golfer takes us back. In the first sixteen posts, there are some real gems: a photo of the classic Penguin golf shirt, a remembrance of the old Titleist Balata balls, posts on Johnny Miller and Chi Chi Rodriguez, and briefs on classically designed golf clubs.

Even better, like your friendly neighborhood GolfBlogger, Old School Golfer is from Michigan.

1 thought on “Old School Golf Blog”

  1. A refreshing look back for certain.

    However, we have to remember that they had “good old days” back then as well.  I think their “good old days” were better and older than ours 8=)


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