On Core Golf’s EVO Metal Core Golf Ball

On Core Golf Balls photo OnCoreGolf-1010635_zpsa7400e26.jpg

OnCore golf sent me a sleeve of their new EVO hollow metal core golf balls for testing. With the temperatures in Michigan still hovering in the forties, and my swing in disarray after a long winter’s layoff, its not fair to do a review at this point. As soon as things warm up and I can get some reps in, though, I’ll let you know how they play.

In the meantime, here’s a graphic on how their technology works:

EVO inside photo evoinside_zps623241c2.jpg

This isn’t the first time a metal core has been tried. In the early 1900s, a variety of core materials were tried, including cork and various metals, including mercury.  A patent was issued in 1975 for hollow steel core balls, including baseballs and softballs. Spalding had a patent for a ball with a metal core in 1997. I’m also certain that I’ve seen references to other hollow metal core models—perhaps from Intech? Whatever the precedents, the idea obviously didn’t catch on. OnCore may be on to something, though. I assume that they’ve managed to fix issues that the previous balls had. Certainly materials and manufacturing sciences have improved remarkably in the last decade.

I’ll let you know.

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