On Tiger’s Car Accident

While other golf pundits are speculating furiously on the cause and outcome of Tiger’s recent car accident, The Golf Blogger is taking an entirely different tack:

I find that I don’t care.

Once assured that Mr. Woods was unhurt, I found my attention waning. And when the story began to spread that Tiger crashed as he was fleeing a scorned and angry, golf club-wielding wife, I lost interest entirely. I absolutely don’t care about the supposed marital problems of a billionaire sportsman. (And I don’t believe it anyway. I think Tiger’s entirely too focused on golf and the acquisition of riches to risk it on an affair.). The only way I’ll revisit the story is if all the pressure, speculation and hounding by the celebrity media manage to derail his game.

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5 thoughts on “On Tiger’s Car Accident”

  1. As long as the little kids are ok, I find it fascinating to think the Viking spirit is alive and well…even today. She is made of the right stuff. Even a Tiger is no match for Thor! With the genes from these two, who knows what those kids will accomplish.

    Although you may be right and it is probably untrue, the thought of this little lady racing down the driveway, chopping away at a speeding black SUV with a wide-flanged gap wedge, wielding it like a heavy battle axe, is an intriguing way to spice up the life of the neighborhood.

    But I wonder if those neighbors might also feel like they are living next door to Tony Soprano. I certainly wish the media had half the backbone this blond descendant of Eric the Red might have shown the world.

    And after all this, the arrogant attitude of Tiger Woods just might be taken down a notch or two.

    And, that would be a good thing.

  2. 2 points to consider:

    If a female crashed a car late at night with cuts and scratches on her face but no air bag and a male was involved, don’t you think the sympathy would be directed in another direction? Of course it would. We see it all the time.

    If in the future, in a stretch of the hypothetical, we find a similar situation and the police again do nothing, and we later hear about children traumatized or worse, don’t you think the public and would come down hard on law enforcement for not doing their job? Of course they would. We see it all the time.

  3. Did we hear such strong outcry in the mainstream golf media to respect John Daly’s privacy and image as we have hear about Tiger? How many of them relished in the railings about Daly’s mis-adventures? Rather, he was a running joke, and served the purpose of supplying golf with the role of “bad-boy”.

    In reality, Daly was not the stereotypical guy from another planet that so many of the Tiger-worshiping media portrayed. Tiger’s image was no more genuine. Daly was much more real then the Tiger we had been led to believe in – or, at least many believed in. In the re-creating of golf in Tiger’s image, the “sure-bet” Tiger might have actually been a case of betting on the wrong horse.

    I can’t believe Tiger was stupid enough to get into a mess like this. We are talking about one of the most disciplined athlete alive, don’t forget.

    As I said earlier, my sympathies and concern is primarily for his wife and children. But, if a beautiful Swedish blond can’t keep a man from fooling around with a “skank” (or two or three), then marriage is definitely not something that that man should have considered.

    I would say his canceling his appearance at his own tournament qualifies as having managed to derail his game. I do believe that the image of a ‘Gentleman’s Game” has been tarnished by his behavior, and for that reason, I believe he owes us ALL an apology. And, a real one.


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