One Plane vs Two Plane; Tiger vs Vijay

During last weekend’s Wachovia, I caught a side by side swing comparison of Tiger and Vijay. When I saw it, the sequence immediately stuck me as a perfect example of Jim Hardy’s One Plane and Two Plane swing concepts. Tiger is the one planer, keeping his lower half still, while winding his upper body in a huge arc. Vijay stands in the two planer’s inverted K, and twists his hips to keep up with his shoulders. Tiger finishes standing straight; Vijay ends in a “C”.

In his book, Hardy takes pains to emphasize that both swing types are perfectly legitimate (although he does favor the one plane slightly), and that great champions have used both methods.

You can see the differences when you watch the video below:

3 thoughts on “One Plane vs Two Plane; Tiger vs Vijay”

  1. Vijay is the two planar??? lol.  Thats a laugh BTW, although tiger did switch to a one plane swing he now uses a two plane again.

  2. sorry buddy, but Vijay is known for being a one planer…

    Tiger switched to one plane and then back to two plane..

    better luck next time


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