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The Open Championship has a very well designed app to help fans follow the action. It has the usual leaderboard, tee times and live cast options, but those really are quite ordinary. Where it shines is in the “Timeline.” This is a running feed of different types of information from the Open—official news, Twitter commentary and photos.  As you see in the screenshot above, there is a line running down the left side on which icons float to identify the type of post. In the upper right is a small clock that appears whenever you scroll up or down. The hands of the clock rotate to show when the information was posted.  Clicking on the tweets or photos allow you to send them to your social circles via email or twitter. Finally, on posts that have a right arrow (such as above), tapping will take you to further information.

It is a very thoughtful and elegant design.

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1 thought on “Open Championship App”

  1. Of all the majors apps, this is my favorite.  The PGA Tour app could learn from this.

    Today we were playing the second day of a tournament and had the Open app going to play @Open radio.  Worked great all day long.


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