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The P3Pro Swing is another in a line of golf simulator/swing analysis tools. The comany says that

The P3ProSwing™ is an innovative, low-cost PC based swing analyzer and golf simulator. The P3ProSwing is the latest entry into the impact analysis space. This type of analysis is used by teaching professionals and clubfitters alike. Existing systems have been integrated into teaching and clubfitting programs, but at a price point that is 10 times greater than the P3ProSwing. To further differentiate from the competition, the P3ProSwing software has been designed with best-in-class graphics to enhance visualization of the impact zone and to provide a platform for accurate golf simulation.

The support of high-end graphics allows the P3ProSwing to also enter the golf simulation space. When paired with the impact projection screen, the P3ProSwing is a platform that provides a golf simulation experience on par with systems which cost tens of thousands of dollars and will require a larger footprint for installation.

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40 thoughts on “P3 Pro Swing”

  1. I bought one of these straight from the manufacturer.  Overall, I am impressed with the hardware and a bit dissapointed in the software.  Hopefully they will fix it.

    Good Points:
    + I can see where on the face of the club i hit the ball with every swing
    + I can see how open/closed, or square my clubface is at mipact
    + I can see the direction of my swingpath
    + I can see the speed at which i swing each club
    + I can analyze my putting stroke!

    Bad Points:
    – Clubs have to be marked with reflective tape, so the bottoms need to be taped over.  if your hitting off a rubber tee, the tape will come off quite frequently.
    – Software treats topped and fat shots the same as perfectly square shots (even though the impact indicator will clearly display that the ball was topped or hit too fat)
    – Software for golf game is very primitive.  should benefit greatly from integration with tiger woods golf (announced future enhancement)
    – Although the unit allows for a distance slider for a the iron set and wood set, it is not possible to customize the distance of each club. 
    – The selection of clubs is fixed and does not include a gap or lob wedge. It would be nice if a players clubset could at least be customized, with the ability to program average distances for each club.
    – uprightness of swing is either not working properly on my unit, or too variable to be useful for me.  that may not be the units fault, but i would be interested to hear what other people have to say about it.
    – You must use the computer to indicate which club you are swinging.  The unit can not track club loft on its own.  so forget about a flop shot smile
    -You must apply oil to the rubberized top to promote longevity.
    -you will run out of reflective tape, and will need to buy more from the company.

    Having said all that, I would buy the unit again… and probably again, and then once more.  My swing has improved so much since I have had it, that it is definitely worth the money to me.  i am thinking of buying an additional cheap set of clubs which i keep taped and ready for use so that i dont waste any of the reflective tape, but i absolutely love the feedback.  And when the tiger woods interface comes out, i will buy that too, because in my opinion the software is the weakest link of this system.  Presumably they are working on it, and it can only get better.

  2. PS)

    by uprightness of swing i mean the heel/toe height of the clubhead when contacting the ball.  The unit does measure angle of attack and swing tempo, but I havent really gleaned anything from that information.  The heel/toe height seems to mostly indicate the clubhead is square at impact.  I have a hard time believing that, since i have had the uprightness of my swing measured a while back and the toe was usually high.

  3. Just investigating bpurchasing one of these units. Played with it a little at the local driving range. I think I could put one in my garrage and practise till spring.

  4. The software does great at hooks and draws.  The ball flight will be accurate, and you will know if it was due to your swingpath, or your clubface being open or closed.  I have hit plenty of those.

    since i posted the original review i have checked out the tiger woods interface, and its a joke.  not worth the effort since it basically throws out all the ball flight modeling from the unit.  so you are stuck with the one course.  I mostly keep it on driving range mode now though, so that doesnt really bother me that much.  It would just be nice if they had a better selection of courses. 

    The software has gone through a few revisions all of which have been free downloads.  The price of the unit actually went up, and there are additional modules that you can buy from the manufacturer (closest to the pin, etc), but i haven’t seen any new courses.  Even at the new price i still recommend it.  I am glad i own one.  no regrets at all. 

    bad points are still as i mentioned above, but it has gone through a year of my whacking at it, and its holding up great.  I recently bought their swing mat to match the unit since my stack of rubber mats from home debot were getting a bit ghetto.


  5. Thanks for your feedback, Tim.  I really appreciate it because I have always wanted the P3 Pro Swing, but hesitated because I am not sure if it works as well as the manufacturer claims.  Is the range mode accurate in painting a picture of the ball flight for you to see how straight and how far you hit the ball?  Also, do you have any comparisons of the P3 Proswing to the Vector Launch Monitor?  Thanks.


  6. I never used the vector so i can not comment on it.  As far as the flightpath in rangemode, yes you can see trails on the ball.  You can configure that actually.  I usually leave it on the last ball only, but you can save a good number of them in history and they will display on the screen.

    Re-reading my comment above, the tiger woods interface is a joke because it basically just mimics the joystick functionality.  none of the ball flight modelling is included.  its another way to pretend your pressing a joystick.  So while it would really be a complete winner if that was working as i would like it to work (take my ball flight and let me play pebble beach with it!), its not really a worthwhile option for me.  The one course i have is plenty if i get an itch to do that, but range mode is where its at mostly.  It would be nice if closest to the pin was included in range mode.  for an extra 99 bucks im not really feeling the urge to fork that over either.

    The software has not improved alot over the last two years.  Maybe all the changes are internal.  There still is a fixed set of clubs to choose from and you cant key in your own clubs… that i would think would be relatively simple for them to do, and they should.


  7. I have had my p3 for 3 years and we enjoy it very much.Prior to that we used Bengtson which we also enjoyed very much.You get more for your money with the Bengtson swing analizer.No tape to put on your clubs, 4 golf courses,closest to the pin, hole in one,you can also print all your results very easy.all for one low price.
    With all that said the there is more precision on club reading with p3 just a little bit. Graphics are also better. P3 is know offering a new golf course for the outrageous price of $250 dollars.        ut

  8. i thought the tiger woods thing was lame.  but that was a while ago.  Has it improved over that time Cory?  Do you get the same swing characteristics and ball flight that you would get in range mode inside the tiger woods game now?  If so, I will buy both tiger woods and whatever else i need from p3 pro swing…


  9. I have had my system for over 2 years now and have taken 12 strokes off my game. There are some pros and cons, but for the price, this system can’t be beat!

    It now has the Tiger Woods interface which makes the entertainment side worth the investment alone.

    I loved my so much that I have become the Canadian Rep for it. I am also an authorized reseller of the Dancin Dogg and GolfTek systems, but the P3ProSwing system is by far the most popular and the best bang for the buck.

    If you are in Canada & want to check it out, I have a few demo centers across Canada. Just check out http://www.par2pro.com and give me a shout.

    Keep Your Eye On the Ball,

  10. Hey Tim,

    The Tiger Woods feature doesn’t give you the same analytics as the driving range, but it is definitely fun to play. The accuracy has gotten better with the 2008 interface, but it is not the 99.9% accuracy of the exclusive software.

    I would suggest getting Tiger Woods 2008 from your local computer store. I found a lot of stores around Edmonton that are clearing it out at $9.95. P3ProSwing and Par2Pro (my company) sells it, but only for convenience – we just can’t get it at the same price the computer stores get it for.

    If you have an older version, you may need to upgrade yor software to Version 4.0 (January 2008 edition). You can get it direct from P3ProSwing or from my company. If you are in the US, it’s better to get it direct from them to avoid border costs and delays.

    I’m sure that you will have fun with it and you can even play online against other P3ProSwing users and guys with Xbox or other gaming systems.

    Have Fun,

  11. Hey All,

    There has been a change with P3ProSwing and now you can order it direct from Par2Pro! We will ship it directly to you from our US Warehouse to avoid the customs charges and border delays!

    Hope this helps. If anyone has any other questions on the system, feel free to contact me.

    Keep Your Eye on the Ball,

  12. I give it a 6/10 the data is pretty accurate but the software doesnt match the data, deeming the 18 hole course worthless, You cannot putt properly, it will totally ruin your real putt stroke trying to compensate. I called the company to complain about this and their solution was to “Use a pitching wedge to putt” … Ummm what? They say the irons pick up the signal better, Ok well thats horrible.
    And for any short chip its 50/50 at best if its gonna pick up your swing even though you hit the ball.
    If you get one do not buy the golf course, get the cheap one with the driving range and save $400 you will thank me.

  13. I am looking to buy one of these units for around 300 Bucks. I have seen them on Craigslist for that price. Can anyone help me with that? Is it completely necessary to use the reflective tape if you have proper light. Thanks a lot guys.

  14. I would agree with Nick.  I have had the unit for four years now, and i still use it, but I only use it in range mode.  There was no extra charge when i bought the unit for the courses, but if they are charging extra simply for the course, its not worth it as i pointed out in my original review.  In the four years I have owned the unit i probably played the course maybe a dozen times, and id say that was all in the first year. 

    I would have gone for a closest to the pin, but i cant see spending 99 bucks for that feature.  I should probably check back with the website to see if the software has improved any, but the software is definitely the downside to the unit.

  15. For Tim,

    The difference between the two new systems is more than just the course:

    The Analyzer (Sport) includes the Driving Range, Putting Green and 12-Point Swing Analyzer. You cannot add Video Capture, Launch Angle or Desert Dunes and the Golf Course and Tiger Woods Interface is not included.

    Although I agree with you that the additional course is rather expensive at $250 US, but it is definitely a very challenging course that still costs less than other course from other simulator companies such as GolfTek or FullSwing. The competitions are great if you can’t keep track of the score/disctance yourself, I don’t sell too many of these, but they are great for those beer drinking nights!

    I hope this helps, but feel free to email me with any other comments or questions.

    Happy Swinging!

  16. I don’t have any problems putting with my unit.  I also don’t think it has ruined my putting stroke, but I don’t think it has helped much.  You need the reflective tape on your putter, but seriously the only reason to putt on this thing is to check your putting stroke.  I would rather putt into a cup on the carpet anyway.  It’s bonus that it tracks your putts, but since I have this unit on range mode mostly I don’t putt with it much.  The tiger woods interface might be fun, but it sounds like it has not changed much, and none of the swing and ball flight characteristics are captured.  It’s a fancy button for the game…

  17. For Nick:

    What are you comparing your data to? I have heard other people say the same, but when compared to their real swing, it is a lot more accurate than they thought it was. If you are only getting 60% accuracy, you should double-check that the taping is done properly. If it is, then there may be a problem with your system.

    As for the putting, I also sell the Optishot and GolfTek systems and neither of those systems have pin-point accuracy on the putting. I have even found the same with the Full Swing and About Golf Systems. Most systems recommend that you “putt-out”, but the P3Pro went to great lengths to up their accuracy. With the “Putting Mode” it actually slows down the sensors. Maybe the older models aren’t the same, but with the slow-mode and proper taping, it is way more accurate. You can also use this slow mode for chipping, which seems to make it a lot more accurate. I am not sure why the manufacturer told you to use a chipper to putt, but I would never suggest that to my clients. The Hybrid version not only has the course, but has the Tiger Woods interface AND allows for upgrades such as Video Capture & Launch Angle. The people who buy the Analyzer (Sport) version usually upgrade unless they are using it for teaching / clubfitting.

    I hope this helps. If you still can’t get it working properly, just send me an email at [email protected]. and I will try to help you out.

    Happy Swinging!

  18. For HP,

    $300 bucks sounds like a great deal – just be sure it is in good condition. Yes, you will have to use reflective tape on the woods and the putter, otherwise it won’t read the club properly. If you need any further assistance, feel free to email me at [email protected].

    Happy Swinging!

  19. Tim,

    I agree that no simulator will ever be the same as putting. One of GolfTek’s suggestions was to have a putting green where you setup the distance, make your putt(s) and then mark your strokes in the game.

    I have hada lot of clients who really like learning about their putting swing as it tells you everything in the impact zone just like all of the other clubs.

    Althugh the system does not tell you any ball flight characteristics, it still tells you:
      }  Ball Distance (Hit & Carry)
      }  Left/Right of Center
      }  Up/Down Swing Path
      }  Club Face Angle
      }  Swing Path Angle
      }  Toe/Heel Heights
      }  Swing Tempo
      }  Impact Spot
      }  Club Head Speed
    Most instructors love these analytics, as it takes the guesswork out of it and can really improve your game just focusing on fixing them.

    Glad to hear that you like the range, and maybe someday you will have some fun on the courses.

    All the best!

  20. I have own my P3pro for almost a year. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.
    I purchased the P3pro to increase my swing number during the winter months and to sim rounds of golf.

    I use the range, the practice course, the putting game, and the practice green when I am not playing the course. I use the course and range the most. Since November I have played simulated 40 rounds. Although there are shortcoming(like the imabilty to deloft your club in traps)P3pro has allow me to improve several aspects of my game.

    I have improve the strokes of the three scoring clubs. I have also increased my focus on long approach shots and long par threes.

    As it relates to putting I have developed a more consistant grip and stroke. I had acclimate myself to the greens and had to concentrate on getting it close because the greens on the Highland National course are huge.

    I have a shallow divot in real golf so I have to pick it clean when I sim. This helps me keep my adjustments to a minimum.

    I love my P3pro.
    I am envied by all the boys.

    I can’t wait to get my grass top.

    PS, I am not loading Tiger Woods. DON’T NEED IT


  21. I purchased this unit and was disappointed and returned it. First, I hit down on the golf ball that was a problem because hitting a piece of metal covered with plastic do not feel so good. Since everyone knows you hit down, my ball speed was not the actual speed so my distances was off. I would tell anyone to get a “The golf mat” and a net and just practice in the garage taping your swings and learn your actual distances from a launch monitorn or some unit that allows you to hit off of actual turf. Maybe if I had the money to buy the Achiever or some other unit my opinon would change. Give me grass or give me death. Some people love it so try it for yourself. I am a clubfitter and a Teaching pro so I have diffrent expectations.

  22. Hey HP,

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t ‘dig’ the unit. I have heard from a couple of clients that the rubber surface is just a little too hard for them.

    The rubber surface is still the most durable and long-lasting top on the market. I sell a couple of other systems with a turf top and it needs to be replaced every 3 months to 3 years (depending on the usage).

    That being said, there is now a grass-top option for your P3ProSwing (new or old). They have been testing this one for quite some time, as they want it to last a long time. They are very concerned with their reputation, so they don’t want to put out something that will need to be replaced right away. Unfortunately if you want your top to have the grass option, you actually need to send it to them, as it is a permanent top.

    For those golfers who have the rubber surface or still want to purchase the one with the ruber surface (highly recommended), I have worked with clients and found a couple of solutions:

    1. Lubricate the surface – most of the problems were solved by properly lubricating the surface with the included lubricant.

    2. Use a brush tee – if you adjust the “grass height” in the options and use a brush tee, you can hit down on the ball without hitting too hard into the surface.

    As far as the accuracy goes, P3ProSwing states that it is 99.9% accurate with proper club taping. I have found it more to be about 96% personally.

    Some solutions for getting the proper accuracy:

    1. Sole Tape – Your woods and putter definitely need to taped with the sole tape included with the system. If your irons are contoured or have a satin finish on the bottom, they I would highly recommend using the sole tape on there. (Note: be sure to tape up the hosel to ensure there are no false reflections).

    2. Lighting – the P3ProSwing system works by reflecting 65 sensors off the bottom of the club, so any stray lighting can cause issues (especially flourescent lighting). The system is best used in a darker location.

    3. Cleaning – since the sensors are recessed, it can atract some dust, dirt, debris, etc. Just use a can of compressed air (I prefer an air compressor) to just blow it out every once in a while. I do this annualy, but have it in a place that doesn’t have a lot of dust.

    *Check the status – you can see how well the club is registering with the status indicator in the top right corner of the screen. If the bar is not completely red, then it is not reading it 100%. Adjust your lighting, check your club tape, or clean out the sensors.

    I’m not sure if P3ProSwing went through this with you already HP, but if you need any further info, I would be happy to help you out. Just send me an email to [email protected] or check out my website at http://www.par2pro.com.

    Happy Golfing!

  23. About 10 years ago, I used one of these at an indoor golf facility in downtown Boston on my lunch break, as I was attempting to pass the Playing Ability Test (PAT) for the PGA Apprenticeship Program. Although I never was able to pass the PAT, the practice I did on the machine really helped my ball striking. I would pretty much exclusively do the par-3 closest-to-the-pin contest.

  24. First – thanks for all the commentary above.  Based on the information provided (the pluses and the minuses), I purchased the P3Pro about a month ago.

    I’m a relatively new but generally average golfer – I love the game but am middling at best. Here are a few rambling thoughts.

    So far, I think the unit is great for the price.  I have set it up in my garage and hit into a standard net.  I purchased the Claret version which includes the Highlands course and the capability to add the “video capture” etc.  I mostly either use the driving range or hit to the 2nd hole of the Highlands Course in practice mode.  I have played the course a few times and its enjoyable but I bought the system to get better, so practice is where its at for me.

    It works well for me because it provides instant feedback on (1) impact postion on clubface, (2)clubface at impact and (3) swing path – which are the things I’m working to improve.  I can make slight adjustments and get a good sense for how I’m hitting the ball.  Although the numbers are calculated and not based on launch monitor-type information, the ball direction (left or right) and the distance look pretty close to me.  I’m not sure whether I’ll continue to use it this much as the weather here warms – but probably a fair amount as it is convenient to step into the garage and hit 10 or 15 balls when I want.

    A couple of negatives – (1) the distance on mis-hits (toe/heel) on the range appears overstated and does not look particularly accurate, (2) the trajectory of the ball doesn’t look like its much influenced by the type of shot I think I’m hitting and (3) every once in a while the program will tell me that I’m sharing the ubs com link with some other device which causes me to restart the program. 

    I have spoken to customer service a few times, and my experiences so far have been great.

    I do wish that they would add a few different courses at reasonable prices.  The Desert Dunes course looks pretty cool – but $250 is way over the top.  I also don’t think I’ll ever purchase the “hole in one” or the other games.  I won’t have much use for them – especially at the offered prices.

    I could see ultimately buying the video capture – but there is not much of an explanation on the website to explain its capabilities. I don’t know for instance whether it has the same capabilities as V1 Pro and whether it has interfaces for the new casio high speed cameras.

    All in all – I am extremely happy with the purchase and most importantly would buy it again.

  25. Hey John,

    Great to hear that you are having fun with your P3ProSwing system!

    As for the negatives – (1) just make sure that the lighting isn’t interfering with the sensor pad and that the taping is aligned properly (a good way to check is to ensure that the bar in the upper right corner is fully red) – (2) Because the base system just measures the club, the launch angle is estimated – this is why they have the launch angle option where you use a comera & light to measure the ball trajectory (P3ProSwing is currently working with Zelocity to integrate their Launch Monitor for ball analysis, but it will probably be upwards of $3000) – (3) I had a similar problem and had to reset my USB assignments, it probably would have been easier to reformat my computer, but that eliminates the USB sharing problem. Just give tech support a shout and they can guide you through a fix for it.

    Compared to some of the other professional systems, the Desert Dunes course is “on-par” for the price, but I agree that it would be nicer if it cost less. On that note, there are 31 NEW Courses that will be available within the next 2-3 weeks. The estimated cost will be about $1299 US for all 31 courses (roughly only $40/course)! They will be half fantasy courses and half based on world-class courses. With the Highlands National, Desert Dunes and Tiger Woods courses, you will be able to play a total of 48 courses. I am personally really excited to try out these new courses and will post a review as soon as I do.

    As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] or check out the information on my website at http://www.par2pro.com.

    Keep your eye on the ball,

  26. Hey All,

    We just got the new grass top in and I have had several requests for a review. Hopefully posting it here will help you all out…

    We gave this new top one heck of a test this past weekend and so I would like to provide you with an unbiased review of the new surface based on myself, an instructor and an average golfer’s point of view. I also took some pictures of it, so if you want to see it just email me at [email protected].

    This is a great new option for the P3Pro – it would best be suited for commercial applications, golfers who want to practice iron shots more, or people with wrist/joint problems as it is a little more forgiving.

    P3ProSwing has developed and tested the top over the past two years – after 30,000 impact swings they say it still looks like new. With our testing, we would definitely have to agree with their statement.

    –  Has a little more give than the rubber surface
    –  Grass is rigid bristles that take the hardest hits
    –  Long-Life it has a good balance of give & durability so that it will not wear out
    –  No lubricant needed
    –  The club tape stays on ok
    –  The base unit is flush with the mat
    –  The bristles don’t flake nor does the tape, so no extra concerns over dirty sensors
    –  Has a little more of a real-feel than the rubber surface

    –  Sensor pad bounced out a little as people were really trying to hit down into it – when we hit normal it was fine
    –  The bristles stick out about ½” higher that the mat (which is more of a preference thing)
    –  The base unit is plastic which we would have preferred they keep the rubber surface – the good news is that you can barely hit the base through the bristles, maybe after several years this may become a problem but it would have to be used and abused a lot
    –  The initial cost is high compared to others – although it will last about 20 times longer and save you a lot in the long run (so I guess this could be in the PROS section)

    Our instructor made a great comment that kind of sums it all up:
    “I would not normally hit 200 consecutive balls with my iron, as my wrists would start to get sore. After 200 balls with this new top I was just more tired than sore”

    So 3 out of 3 different testers agree that this is a great new surface. All three of us want one for our personal system.

    I hope that this helps you out with the grass top or no grass top decision, but if you have any other questions (or would like to order your grass top) feel free to contact me at 1-877-417-2161, [email protected] or visit our website http://www.par2pro.com.

    Take care & happy golfing!

  27. The Claret package is just the sensor pad and software (driving range, 2 courses, tiger woods interface, 12-point swing analyzer and video capture software).

    The Sport package is also just the sensor pad and software, but does not have any gaming software as it was created for those just looking for a swing analyzer. The software includes driving range, 12-point swing analyzer and video capture software.

    You can get a custom package made for you if you want the projector and impact screen – simply email me at [email protected] or call 1-877-417-2161.

    Keep your eye on the ball,

  28. Hey Mark,

    That is very odd, as the system is used by teaching pros all over the world who swear by it. I am a home golfer myself and have used it for years with great results. We have also tested it with other systems which have proven the accuracy.

    Chuck over at P3ProSwing is one of the best tech support guys in the business so I am sure that he will get you up to speed. I am wondering if it is possible that it is just a bad unit. I haven’t run into that before in the 3 years I have been working with them, but you never know. Please work with Chuck to get up and running, but if you still aren’t happy with it, you can always return it.

    I am sure that Chuck has already gone through the basics, but usually erroneous readings are from false reflections, dirty sensors, bad lighting or poor / no club taping.

    The Tiger Woods interface does not work with Windows 7 as is stated on the website. As for the accuracy, since the PC Game version was built to be used with a mouse, it only reads direction and speed, so it is not as accurate as the proprietary system.

    I know that it may be frustrating if it doesn’t just work right out of the box (I can attest to that with a number of products out there), but I have hundreds of clients who are really happy with it and I am one of them. I am positive that Chuck will get you to the point you need to be at a lot quicker than myself (since he is the P3Pro tech guru) and you will get it to be the system you were expecting.

  29. Hi- I discovered this site while doing a search on the P3 Pro, just to find out if anyone else had the problems I have been plaqued with on my unit that we just purchased.
    Cons- totally out to lunch on distance and and swing speeds and worst of all, everything (95%) going way right with good swings and thats the(50%) swings it sees!The Tiger Woods software does not work.They are sending me a software update from to and hopfuly this will correct all the issues we are having.
    I talked to Cory here and he refers me to tech help which I spent a while discussing, lighting, taping and the like.Which I’ve done but same crap results.
    But I already golf quite good in the real world +4 and I hit 400 +/, large buckets of balls this season and golfed over 50 rounds on various courses.I know roughly the distances I hit everything and the only reason I bought this unit is because they said it was so accurate.Not Happy

  30. Yes It is funny you say that because I thought that might be the answer to bring the unit in to your golf booth there so that I can rule out the unit as the problem or the software . My pc is brand new quad processor so it can’t be that- plus I tried it on another pc and same crap. How can the sensors be dirty their brand new? plus i have blown them out twice just in case!! the taping is straight forward as per manual -No! In the day time there may be reflection issues but at night in complete darkness- give me a break!!!!  I am losing patience with this thing.  MP.

  31. Hey Mark,

    I am not sure if you got this worked out yet, but please feel free to contact myself or Chuck at P3Pro (the techie guru) and we will get this worked out for you.

    I know it sounds weird to say that you can get reflections in the dark, but we found out that one client had angled his impact screen so that the projection was bouncing off the screen and into the sensor pad.

    For anyone looking to purchase the P3Pro, please remember that it is a very sensitive unit and ANY reflections can cause issues. This is one of the reasons it is at such a lower price point. If you want something around this price point without taping clubs or worrying about too many reflections, you may want to look at the GolfTek ST1.

    Either way, we have always been able to help our clients get their system up and running to the way it should be. (Some times we have to sleuth more than others).

    PS: Chuck created a great support website at http://www.proswingsupport.com/Golf/index.php or you can always contact me at [email protected].

    Keep your eye on the ball,

  32. I really appreciate this forum and it convinced me to purchase a P3.  Got it yesterday but the postal people banged the box an broke the connector.  P3 was very good and are sending me out a replacement unit asap.  Very excited to get this.  Currently play to about a 6, hope to get to 2 over our long Michigan winter.

  33. Does anyone know what is in the sensor pad lubricant or any alternatives to it. I am stuck waiting weeks for some to arrive and want to play with my new toy (purchased pre-owned)


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