Rainy Day Cheer

It’s Monday. It’s rainy. And it’s cold. So here’s a morale booster from our league’s … Read more.

Golf One Liner Of The Century

The one-liners were flying at the Players Championship this past weekend. Sergio Garcia, however, may … Read more.

Weather Underground’s Tournament Golf Weather Tracker

The Weather Underground site has a new page that offers in-depth, hourly forecasts for PGA … Read more.

Frugal Fairways Site

I recently discovered the Frugal Fairways site, which relies on a community of users to … Read more.

We’re In Trouble

A funny comment from Paul Goydos was just reported on the tournament telecast: Goydos apparently … Read more.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Mulligans

Never letting a rule stand in the way of a good time, our golf league … Read more.

Why We Love To Hit It Long

The Wall Street Journal’s golf writer has a great column on why we love to … Read more.

Condolences To The Maggert Family

Jeff Maggert’s brother died in a small plane accident in Colorado: Jeff Maggert withdrew from … Read more.

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