Golfer’s Guide To Scotch

I’m a bourbon man myself, but here’s a golfer’s guide to scotch.

Rounds Up In First Quarter

The National Golf Foundation reports that the number of rounds played is up 5.3% in … Read more.

Slazenger Tries To Reestablish Rep

An article on how Slazenger is trying to strengthen its brand name.

Callaway Golf Balls Finally Show Profit

Since 2000, Callaway has been losing $20 million a year on its golf ball business, … Read more.

Free Golf Lessons

For the 7th year, the PGA and Golf Digest have teamed up to present free … Read more.

$1200/Dozen Golf Balls

For people with stupid money, GB Niche presents $100 golf balls. I’m not kidding.

Sonartec and Tour Edge receive high praise

The PGA TOur equipment section has a reviews of the Sonartec fairway woods, and the … Read more.

Nickent’s New Driver

Here’s a review of Nickent’s New Driver. I’m interested in what you have to say! … Read more.

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