Parnevik Likely Out of Golf

Jesper Parnevik, the Swedish golfer who famously introduced Tiger to Elin, likely will have to quit golf because of a broken vertebrae in his lower back. The condition will require a joint fusion, and that, Parnevik says, means no more golf.

Parnevik, 44, is a five time winner on the PGA Tour.

On the course, Parnevik was easily recognizable by his somewhat eccentric (in Europe they would likely be called stylish) clothes, particularly hats with the bill turned up. Perhaps he got his tastes from his father, Bo, a popular Swedish comedian and television star.

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1 thought on “Parnevik Likely Out of Golf”

  1. Someone should tell Parnevik to read the book by Dr. Jerome Groopman called, “How Doctors Think”.  He may have 2nd thoughts about doing the spinal fusion.


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