Patriot Golf Day Sept. 1


Mrs. Golfblogger is an Air Force Veteran, who served in the first Gulf War in an Aeromedical Evac unit, so Veterans efforts get a lot of notice in our house. Patriot Golf Day is a great idea, in which golfers are requested to add an additional $1 for each green fee, with the proceeds going to the families of those who have become disabled or lost their lives in the service of our country.

The program is being led b PGA Professional Dan Rooney of Stilwater, OK, who also serves in the Air National Guard.

From their website:

On Sept. 1, public golf courses nationwide will request an additional $1 for each green fee they process, while private facilities will ask patrons to contribute donations. The funds will go to support families of those who have become disabled or lost their lives in the line of military duty.

PGA Professional Dan Rooney of Stillwater, Okla., is spearheading the program to raise funds through the organization, Wounded Warriors, Inc. In addition, Rooney is in the process of establishing The Fallen Heroes Foundation, which will pay for the education of children who have lost a parent in Iraq or

Several universities have already pledged a number of full tuition scholarships to Fallen Heroes Foundation. This money will be earmarked for students who qualify for assistance through the foundation. Those universities include Grand Valley State University, the University of Oklahoma, and the University
of Tulsa.

• The mission of the Fallen Heroes Foundation is to provide financial and emotional support to the families of Fallen or injured American Servicemen and women, provide financial aid for educating the children and spouses of our Fallen or wounded soldiers, and form synergistic alliances with fellow non-profits and government agencies that are providing assistance to our military families.

• Wounded Warriors, Inc.’s mission is to provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. The organization owns family-friendly resort condominiums in Orlando, Florida and Galveston, Texas, where war-torn families can retreat to restore
peace and solace to their lives after the trauma they have endured.

• Dan Rooney is both an F-16 pilot in the 125th Fighter Squadron of the Oklahoma Air National Guard and a member of The PGA of America. Rooney and his father, John, became the owners of Grand Haven Golf Course in Michigan in 1998, and the younger Rooney spends about 20 days per month at the course and the other 10 days flying. Rooney has logged two tours to Iraq, and following his most recent tour he began to think of ways he could stay involved in the war effort.

The PGA of America and The United States Golf Association (USGA) will support the program by utilizing their various communication vehicles with their membership to help drive participation both by consumers and PGA members. The PGA will also partner with the USGA to support this program by producing all collateral material to over 4,000 participating golf courses, promote this to all 41 PGA Sections in America, and endorse on,, and

2 thoughts on “Patriot Golf Day Sept. 1”

  1. I’m all for helping injured vets, but why can’t we, as a nation, take care of them?  It’s pathetic and shameful that we have to pass the hat to get them the help they have an absolute right to.  Injured vets should be given whatever assistance they need for the rest of their lives.  The U.S. may be the greatest nation on earth, but sometimes, we just plain suck.

  2. We underfund a lot important things in this country and fund a lot of nonsense—like the legendary millions spent to study cow flatulence.

    Actually, I’m in the process of writing a rant on a similar issue right now.


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