Paula Creamer While We’re Young Ad From USGA

Part of the USGA’s effort to speed up play.

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3 thoughts on “Paula Creamer While We’re Young Ad From USGA”

  1. The problem with this is that many people will now think that the quote involves a Rodney tug, but in fact, the original quote “Lets Go, While We’re Young!” Rodney did no such movement.

    Further, Rodney’s tug was an insert of this finger into the neck of a dress shirt, not a grasp of the neck in this way.

    That said, I like the campaign.  Probably the cart girl at the tee box is my favorite.

  2. The pace of play is a worldwide golf issue.

    It’s all our responsibility. I don’t see any short term answers but at least adverts like this keep in fresh in our minds.


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