Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale and App

Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale and App
Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale and App

Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale and App

The Perfect Drink Pro is an interesting concept that means you don’t have to memorize (or look up) the recipes for your favorite cocktails. You don’t even really have to measure things with a jigger or measuring cups. Just select a drink from the app and put your glass on the scale. As you pour each ingredient, the app keeps track of the volume by the weight and beeps to tell you to stop pouring. The app will even suggest drinks based on your stock of liquor.

  • Just pour til you hear the ding! Simple and fun way to make amazing cocktails at home. Perfect Drink PRO works with devices including: iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet and Amazon Nook.
  • Choose one of 400+ recipes included in the app (or add your own favorites), place a glass or shaker on the scale and pour each ingredient while the virtual glass fills up on the app in real time!
  • No measuring! The scale weighs each ingredient as you pour and alerts you when to stop. It’s more accurate than using a traditional jigger or measuring cup for the perfect cocktail, every time.
  • Make a single glass, or dial up the serving size to create a party pitcher of your favorite cocktail. Not sure what to make? Enter what you have on hand and Perfect Drink will suggest recipes.
  • Comes with Wireless Stainless Steel Perfect Drink PRO Scale, Device Stand, and 750ml Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker. Does not include glasses, bottle or tablet.


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