Peter Millar Collegiate Wear


Peter Millar Collegiate Apparel

Onward Reserve, located in Athens, Georgia is a store I want to visit. They’ve got an incredible collection of manly apparel and accessories, and—get this—a bar at the back.

One of the things they feature is clothing and apparel from (mostly) southern schools: Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Kansas, LSU, Maryland, MS State, NC State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Princeton, U of Alabama, U of Arkansas, U of Florida, U of Georgia, U of Kentucky, U of South Carolina, U of Tennessee, U of Virginia, SMU, TCU, Texas, Texas A and M, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest. The Peter Millar gear above is from their website.

Sadly, no WVU, though.

I would love to run a store like this in Ann Arbor. My guess is that it’d be a big hit.

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