PGA TOUR Emoji Keyboard

PGA TOUR Emoji Keyboard
PGA TOUR Emoji Keyboard

For reasons that I am not able to discern, the PGA TOUR has released a branded emoji keyboard for Android and iPhone.

The keyboard, which works fine as a keyboard,  features a selection of golf themed emoji and animated GIFs.

I was frankly a little disappointed at the limited selection of emojis. ¬†Unless I’m doing something wrong, it looks to me as though there are just the eight in the screen capture on the left.

Twenty five GIFs are included, including several clips from tour players, such as Ricky Fowler winking and Andrew “Beef” Johnson giving two thumbs up.

I’m going back to my regular keyboard. Weirdly, there seem to be more golf related emojis on that one than on the PGA TOUR version.

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