PGA TOUR – LPGA Cross Promotions On Their Sites

PGA TOUR site links to LPGAI am likely way behind the curve on this one, but I noticed this morning that the PGA TOUR website links to the LPGA site under its “Tours” tab. The LPGA, in turn, links back to the PGA TOUR on the top right hand side of its top navigation bar.

This kind of cross promotion can only be good for the game. Next, I would like to see some cross-promotional marketing, both from the Tours and from manufacturers. Some of that already is happening with manufacturers.

Ultimately, I would love to see the two tours organize some sort of joint event. That’s going to be very difficult, however, given the current wrap-around schedules. My idea would be to hold a Ryder Cup/Solheim Cup style event, with mixed teams representing geographical regions, such as Asia, Europe, Australia/Africa and The Americas. Four teams, of four players each, playing two days. Both days would feature foursomes and fourballs with mixed pairs. Very casual, with a celebrity pro-am sort of air. It would be perfect for The Golf Channel for a Monday and Tuesday, and might attract some interest from Asian sponsors if it was held in that part of the world.

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