PGA TOUR Pro Sport Cologne Review

PGA TOUR Cologne
PGA TOUR Pro Sport Cologne

PGA TOUR Pro Sport Cologne

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Mrs. GolfBlogger approves

“Inspired” by the PGA TOUR, ProSport Cologne smells nothing of cut grass, cabretta leather gloves, dirt or sweat.a

Instead, the initial note is lime. In that, it puts me in mind of a bottle of English Leather Lime that I received as a teen. Unlike that, however, it fairly quickly quiets down, leaving behind a slightly sweet (as opposed to spicy) air with a hint of vanilla. The literature says that PGA TOUR Prosport is “woody,” but to me that means “cedar,” and I just don’t detect any of that.

Describing smells is difficult, so I’ll just say that this is a cologne I could wear on a daily basis. It’s clean and subtle. It strikes me that PGA TOUR Prosport is a good choice for adult men who might want to wear a cologne, but who don’t want to attract attention like a teenage boy with a bottle of Axe.


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