PGA Championship Predictions Open Thread

Here’s your chance to make your PGA Championship predictions. Lets start with the usual questions:

1) Who does logic tell you is most likely to win?
2) Who does your gut tell you will win?
3) Who would you most like to see win?
4) Who would you least like to see win?

Here are my answers:

1) I think it could be Jim Furyk. He hits fairways, and has a solid iron game—both of which are requirements to play at Whistling Straits. He also was on fire at the Bridgestone before a ball hit the flagstick and bounced into a water hazard.

2) Hunter Mahan. He’s talented and he’s ready to win a big one.

3) Louis Oosthuizen. I don’t want him to be just another in a series of one-and-done major winners. Two in a single year would generate some serious excitement. In second place: Phil. Again, two in one year would be good for the sport.

4) You know the answer to that one smile

3 thoughts on “PGA Championship Predictions Open Thread”

  1. These are not picks.  I retired from making picks after I made the ultimate one and picked Cabrera the year he won the US Open. I’m calling these opinions:

    Logic – Jeff Overton. Faldo said this course was somewhat like a links course and Overton played pretty well at the British and has been playing well ever since. One more week of playing well and he could be holding the trophy.

    Gut – Have no idea.

    Most like to see win – Obviously that would be Sergio Garcia. He’s planning to take a two month break and it would be nice for him to have that time to enjoy his victory.  Plus, with his mind on his break, he will be more relaxed and not so pressured about playing well, which could really allow him to play freely and have a good result. John Daly would be a popular win too, especially after Turning Stone didn’t give him an exemption. He’s worked really hard this year and hasn’t given up.  He should at least get a top ten this week.  Hope there’s no Saturday cut.  Saturday cuts are a joke.

    Least like to see win – Obviously that would be Tiger Woods.  I want the world rankings to accurately reflect his crappy performance he’s had all year long.  Maybe a loss this week will accomplish that. Plus, it will make Corey Pavin have to spend a lot of time justifying his comments about picking Woods for the Ryder Cup and he won’t be able to focus on strategy – which will be good for my team, the European Team.

  2. Logic tells me it is most likely Phil.  Phil played well for 3 days last weekend and was close.  He is the best player in the world as long as Tiger is going to screw up, which includes this week for Tiger.  Although Phil does a great job at blowing it too.

    Gut says it won’t be Phil.  I always have a sinking feeling on Wednesday that it might be Tiger.  I just that at any point Tiger could snap and win.  Hunter Mahan is a good choice.  Steve Stricker might be good, because he could end up being world #1.

    Who do I want to win?  Daly, of course.  Phil after that- but I am not going to get myself sick over that.

    Who do I not want to win – you might as well not even ask that question.


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