PGA Lacks Young Stars of LPGA

Rick Arnett of SI.Com notes that while the PGA is tinkering with its format to find some excitement, the LPGA has found what it needs in its bright young stars.
Arnett writes:

Meanwhile, The Little Engine That Could—re: the LPGA Tour—is ripe for extra eyeballs. Instead of a tricked-up scenario, the tour bases its drama on excellent players and more important, a terrific infusion of new blood. Personalities and talent make up the essential ingredients for continued fan involvement. Forget artificially swollen purses or confusing point systems. It’s all about gifted and charismatic players.

I think that the PGA has got some of these bright young stars—Jason Gore is the obvious example, but there’s also Ryan Moore, Luke Donald and Charles Howell and others. However, they don’t seem to be doing much to market them.




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