PGA Looks To NASCAR For End of Year Inspiration!?

Apparently, the PGA is considering developing an end-of-the-year playoff system similar to what NASCAR has done with the NEXTEL Cup.

Mark Hermann of Newsday has the right idea on this one: its a terrible idea. As he correctly points out, golf revolves around the “majors” and a playoff system would diminish all of the tradition and viewer interest built around these four events.

Far better, I think, to stick with what the PGA apparently was considering earlier: to adjust the schedule, moving the Players to May, and moving the Tour Championship up from November.

I’m sure that the impetus for the playoff system is to help golf compete against College and Pro Football for the television market, but it just isn’t going to happen. Their best bet is to get all of their premier events out of the way and hope to pack as much excitement as they can between the end of March Madness and middle of September, when the football seasons and the baseball playoffs take off.

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