PGA Tour Doesn’t Conduct Any Of The Major Championships

It’s a common enough mistake among casual golf fans, but the PGA Tour doesn’t actually sponsor any of the Major Championships. Notice the following quote from Yahoo’s Devil Ball Golf site:


Surprisingly enough, in the past 31 years, only two U.S. Opens conducted by the PGA Tour has had a winner finish over par.

The US Open, Women’s US Open, US Amateur and so forth, are conducted by the United States Golf Association—the USGA.

The Masters is conducted by the Augusta National Golf Club.

The Open Championship—aka the British Open—is handled by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club (R&A).

The PGA Championship is conducted by the PGA of America, which is NOT the same thing as the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour split from the PGA of America in 1968.

The lack of control over any of the major championships is one reason why the PGA Tour makes such a fuss about the Player’s Championship being a “fifth major.” It’s likely also one driving reason for the emphasis on the FedEx Cup. Both are attempts by the PGA TOur to be more relevant to golf fans and players, for whom the season is all about the Majors.

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