4 thoughts on “PGA TOUR Equipment Changes Graphic - 2013

  1. Because the others are willing to pay more to sign a PGA pro?

    Not being flippant – Titleist, if I understand correctly, has traditionally has placed limits on how much it will compensate a Tour pro, preferring to let its products be the focus of its marketing efforts.

    Tiger woods, for example, still used some of his Titleist clubs (like his putter) after he left Titleist for Nike.

  2. Hard to understand why so many have left Titleist.

    I would have thought with the quality of their equipment they would always receive loyalty. Perhaps the amount of money Nike was offering the players was just too great.

    Maybe as mentioned it has something to do with the change in ownership?

    I’ll gladly receive a sponsorship from Titleist should it be offered!

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