PGA TOUR Launches New Media Skratch TV

The PGA TOUR is launching a new internet video network called Skratch TV. Built with their partner Bedrocket, the network will deliver custom content to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, and YouTube. Partnering with the PGA TOUR on this project is Bedrocket, which owns and operates Network A, a sports action network and major League Soccer’s KickTV. The video above is from their beta launch at the Phoenix Open.

“As younger fans find new ways to follow their favorite sports, it’s important to deliver great golf content to platforms that they use and in a voice that resonates with them,” said Tim Finchem, PGA TOUR Commissioner.  “We believe Skratch TV will provide a tremendous new platform to effectively speak to this audience.”

“We couldn’t imagine a better partner than Bedrocket to help us build Skratch TV and reach a millennial audience,” added Rick Anderson, PGA TOUR Executive Vice President, Global Media. “Brian Bedol [CEO and founder of Bedrocket] and his team have created incredibly successful sports properties for both television and digital platforms, and understand how to build digital media brands better than anyone else in the industry.”

The project makes perfect sense to me. The younger generation’s task-switching, attention-deficit, instant gratification brains probably have aneurysms at the thought of watching sixteen hours of golf coverage over four days just to find out which guy won. But deliver the golf in punchy one- and two-minute dosages, and you just might find an audience. That you can watch it on a phone—to which my students are as attached as an addict to his heroin—makes it a winner.

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