PGA’s Video Streaming A Great Idea

I really enjoyed watching the trio of Tiger, Phil and Geoff play today on the video streaming at pga pipeline. It was really refreshing to follow a group through their round, rather than see highlights as the tv commentators bounce from hole to hole. Those are the three players that I—and everyone else—wanted to watch, and the video streaming offered that opportunity.

The PGA site also offers other video streams—standard coverage an hour before television kicks in; a stream of interviews with playes as they come off the course; and analysis and instruction from PGA instructors. I didn’t watch any of the others today … I was too interested in following the Big Two and Ogilvy.

I’m hoping that Phil wins this one and establishes what the Tour has lacked up to this point … a real rivalry ala Arnold-Jack; Jack-Lee or Jack-Watson (geeze. Jack had a lot of real rivals, didn’t he). The point is, though, that Tiger needs a rival.

I hope that the Tiger-Phil-Geoff trio is featured again tomorrow.  But if it’s not, I’ll spend some time going through the other video links. In the meantime, they’ve also got highlights and interviews to stream.

I think that the PGA has really got something going here. The webcasts apparently are just the beginning of it’s online video efforts.

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