Photo Tour of Villa Mandarine, Rabat, Morocco

Entrance to Villa Mandarine
Entrance to Villa Mandarine

The first place I stayed on my trip to visit Morocco was the Villa Mandarine. It was by far my favorite of the accommodations my my trip, which was hosted by the Moroccan National Tourist Office. The Villa Mandarine is located in the heart of Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

The Villa Mandarine once was the retreat of a French family and now is operated by its descendants. It was amazingly beautiful and peaceful, I would have happily stayed here a week, passing quiet hours in the gardens and nooks. The Villa Mandarine sits on three acres, with more than 700 orange trees and flowers everywhere you look. A heated pool adds a water element to the grounds.

The house is comprised of a spacious living-room with a fireplace, a billard room, a bar, the intimate terraces shaded by the bougainvillea, datura and jasmine trees and a gift shop for a selection of local treasure

For a luxury hotel, I thought that the prices were very reasonable. A very large room, with a double bed, foyer, bedroom, bathroom, loggia and terrace overlooking the garden is around $230 a night. The Villa Mandarine has an in-house restaurant, bar, pool room and spa.

The food at Villa Mandarine was incredible. A mix of Moroccan and French influences, it was fresh and vibrant. In the morning, the orange juice at the buffet was absolutely the best I have ever tasted.

I was quite sad to leave. If I returned to Morocco, I would like to spend a couple of days here to refresh my batteries.

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