Photos Of Chambers Bay When It Was A Mining Operation

Chambers Bay--2

Before it was the a championship US Open-worthy golf course, Chambers Bay was a sand and gravel mining operation owned by CalPortland. Ron Summers, Senior Vice President at CalPortland Company and one time manager of the site, has played the course. He said the underlying layer of sand and gravel makes the course hard and fast.

“It is going to be a challenging and exciting U.S. Open,” Summers said. “Steilacoom grade” aggregate from the quarry was some of the best in the region and highly sought after because of its extreme hardness. It is estimated that 95% of Seattle was built on the site’s sand and gravel.”

The gravel was named for the Steliacoom indians who inhabited the area.

The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association sent some photos of the Chambers Bay dating as far back as the 1950s. When you compare the look to what you are seeing on television of the 2015 US Open, it’s quite a transformation. You can read the complete press release from the Association at the link.

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