Pickle Juice Shots Review

Pickle Juice Shots Review
Grade: Incomplete
Teacher’s Comments: I believe that it works to alleviate muscle cramps, but there is no way to be sure.

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Pickle juice seems an unlikely panacea for muscle cramps but it may in fact be just what the doctored ordered. As is usual with this sort of review, there is no way to be sure short of a double-blind study, but I am of a mind that it works.

Pickle Juice tastes exactly as the name suggests: like dill pickle juice. It has all the flavors of vinegar, dill and salts. I thought Pickle Juice would be totally gross, but it is not. I like dill pickles, and the juice is fine. I wouldn’t want to drink 16 ounces of it at one sitting, but a 2.5 oz shot is fine.

The Pickle Juice company says that its products have a proprietary mix of grains, vinegars, dill oils, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and other electrolytes that stop muscle cramps fast. In fact, the company says that Pickle Juice contains 15x the electrolytes of common sports drinks.

Muscle cramps, the company says, are a “neurological response to a physiological problem.” The grain and vinegar is said to help block the nerve signal sent from brain to muscle. Muscle cramps should stop immediately, while the remaining ingredients help longer term recovery.

For my part, I get periodic lower back cramps. A sliding disc hits a nerve and my back muscles react by cramping up. It can be debilitating for days or weeks. I have learned some valuable techniques for easing the pain at physical therapy and with Skip Bunton at Body Specs, but it can still wreck a lot of precious golfing days in our shortish Michigan season.

During the most recent bout, I decided to see if Pickle Juice could do anything for lower back muscle cramps. I downed a shot and to my surprise, felt better very quickly. I felt well enough, in fact, to be able to do a bunch of the back stretching exercises relatively pain free.

There is no way to prove that the alleviation was a function of the Pickle Juice and not of a placebo effect, but my money is on the Pickle Juice.

Going forward, I’m going to keep a couple of shots of Pickle Juice on hand for the first sign of a back cramp. I’ve got this notion that if I can get to it early, I might be able to beat it.

As for other potential uses, such as leg cramps from exercise, I have not had the chance to test it. I’ve got a shot in my golf bag just in case, however.

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