Ping i10 Irons


Ping i10 Irons

My partner on a recent round had a set of these Ping i10 irons in play, and I noted that—except for the tumbled finish—they really didn’t look like a Ping. There was none of the wacky shape, or the over engineered lines.

The i10s apparently designed to appeal to the sensibilities of golfers who want Ping ease-of-play, but who also appreciate the look of a “players” iron. Its a little smaller than you’d expect, with less offset, and a thinner top line.

Ping’s promotional material emphasizes, however, that it’s still got all the usual playability factors. There’s the cavity back, a “custom tuning port” to stabilize the face, and “ascending weight technology” on the shafts.

In keeping with the “players” feel, however, the center of gravity has apparently been optimized, not for high, but for a penetrating ball flight.

It sounds like a set of clubs I might like, but I really can’t get over the “tumbled” look of Ping irons. Here’s something I wonder: do the Ping pros play with unfinished irons, or are theirs chromed like everyone else’s

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