Pinnacle Platinum Feel Golf Ball Review

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PINNACLE Platinum Feel
Grade: B+
Teacher’s Comments: For the price, a good all-around ball.

Among my friends, the Pinnacle balls are somewhat looked down upon. There seems to be a sneaking suspicion that if they were “real” golf balls, they’d have the Titleist brand and cost twice as much. (Pinnacle are made by Titleist).

But after playing off and on with the Pinnacle Platinum Feel for the last few months, I can’t find any cause to complain about them. From a mid-handicapper’s perspective, they offer commendable distance, decent play around the green, and a nice feel off the putter. No one is going to mistake them for the Pro V1, but you can lose a bunch of these and not feel the pain.

I’m actually taking a dozen of these of these to Florida in a couple of weeks when we take a family vacation to Disney World. I’ve got a tee time at Lake Buena Vista and after seeing all the water there, I don’t plan on sacrificing a dozen Pro V1s to the gators.

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