Play Better Golf With The Swing You Already Have

imagePlay better golf with the swing you already have.

The Five Inch Course on sale at Amazon.Com

The Five Inch Course is GolfBlogger’s new ebook, aimed at mid- to high- handicappers who would like to improve their scores, but who lack the time and money to commit to making serious swing changes.

Bobby Jones once said that “competitive golf is played on a five and a half inch course: the space between your ears.” It is with this in mind that The Five Inch Course offers more than a hundred tips for improving your golf score by playing smarter, more strategic golf. By putting just a few of these tips into play,  even weekend hackers can dramatically improve their scores without improving their swings.

For the cover price of a single issue of a golf magazine, The Five Inch Course can have you playing better golf almost immediately.

In 1960, the average golf score was 100. Fifty years later, with all the innovations in clubs, balls and instruction, the average golf score is … still 100. In fact, only 20 percent of all golfers will ever (honestly) break that mark. However, this doesn’t mean that lower scores are out of reach. The Five Inch Course can get you there.

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4 thoughts on “Play Better Golf With The Swing You Already Have”

  1. A good, quick read, and sound advice.  If you enjoy the golfblogger’s posts, you’ll enjoy this ebook.  Works well on a kindle.


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