Pocket Bunker Golf Swing Training Tool

Pocket Bunker
Pocket Bunker

Pocket Bunker

The Pocket Bunker fluffs the ball up like it is sitting on sand. Features:

  • BUNKER SHOT TRAINING: Improve your bunker shots with this first of its kind training tool
  • IMPROVE YOUR SAND SHOTS: Create the sensation of hitting out of sand on any surface, anytime, anywhere
  • PLAY LIKE THE PROS: Practice difficult bunker lies and hitting out of deep sand for perfect outs on the course
  • PRACTICE ON YOUR SCHEDULE: The Pocket Bunker can be used in your backyard, on the practice green, or while your buddy is looking for his ball – never miss an opportunity to practice your bunker shots
  • LOWER YOUR SCORES: Practice the most difficult shot on the course and see your scores go down! Shave a few strokes off your game instantly
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