Poker Chips As Magnetic Ball Marker Holders

Here’s a great idea— using larger poker chips to hold ball markers. They’d be easy to make. Cut a bit of magnetic vinyl to size and glue on the poker chip. That’s a good use for old refrigerator calendars and notepads.

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1 thought on “Poker Chips As Magnetic Ball Marker Holders”

  1. I usually carry a repairtool with a magnetic ballmark on it – using that ballmark when I need a smaller ballmark, and then I carry a golf course souvenir poker chip for marking when I won’t be in someone’s line.

    What I have noticed is that the poker chip has a piece of metal in it, and it will stick to the repairtool in my pocket.  Struck me as odd that this large plastic chip would stick to a magnet.

    I don’t know if casino pokerchips have the same.  I would imagine there is some sort of RFID to them – but since I never come home with the chips, I don’t know.


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