Politically Incorrect Golf Terms

I got these in an email that’s making the rounds. Politically Incorrect Golf Terms:

A ‘Rock Hudson’ – a putt that looked straight, but wasn’t.
A ‘Saddam Hussein’ – from one bunker into another.
A ‘Yasser Arafat’ – butt ugly and in the sand.
A ‘John Kennedy Jr.’ – didn’t quite make it over the water.
A ‘Rodney King’ – over-clubbed.
An ‘O.J.’- got away with one.
A ‘Princess Grace’ – should have used a driver.
A ‘Princess Di’ – shouldn’t have used the driver.
A ‘Condom’ – safe, but didn’t feel very good.
A ‘Brazilian’ – shaved the hole.
A ‘Rush Limbaugh’ – a little to the right.
A ‘Nancy Pelosi ’ – Way to the left and out of bounds.
A ‘James Joyce’ – a putt that’s impossible to read.
A ‘Ted Kennedy’ – goes in the water and jumps out.
A ‘Pee Wee Herman’ – too much wrist.
A ‘Sonny Bono’ – straight into the trees.
A ‘Mickey Mantle’ – a dead yank.
A ‘Paris Hilton’ – a very expensive hole.

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2 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Golf Terms”

  1. I just copied the email. I didn’t write it.

    But to be fair, Limbaugh is an absolute centrist compared to some others on the left and right extremes.


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