Poulter Backs Down

In case you missed the furor, in a recent interview with GolfWorld, Ian Poulter apparently dissed most of the PGA Tour by saying “I haven’t played to my full potential yet. And when that happens it will be just me and Tiger” (See the GolfBlogger commentary here) But now, he’s backing off that statement:

“I’m misquoted. It was taken out of context. The whole answer to the question has been taken out of context.”

“When you do an interview three months ago, it’s hard to try and go back in your mind and think exactly what you did say and how the question was asked and then you do remember and you have given an answer to a question that’s very lengthy and a small piece gets quoted, it gets taken out of context and that’s unfair, very, very unfair.”

He’s better do something. Rumors were flying that fellow players might respond to a pre-arranged signal and quietly abandon the driving range, leaving just Poulter and Tiger alone. I don’t believe that for a second, but his comments probably did irritate his colleagues. And its certainly made him an object of mockery and derision in the golfing media.

I’m not one of those. I like to see a little machismo on the course, and would love to see someone make a run up the charts to the top. I just wonder if he’s that guy.

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