Praising Tom Watson

The Scotsman has a little piece on what Tom Watson did with his down time during this past Friday’s wind delay.

He walked over to an area reserved for people in wheelchairs and went down the line shaking hands with each one. Maybe ten in all. The last of them was a military man, Sergeant Paul “Baz” Barrett, a native of Manchester but a resident of Letham, near Forfar. In his mid-30s and a father two, Baz trod on a landmine at Sangin in Helmand Province in December 2008 and lost a leg. For 20 minutes, Baz and Watson chatted. They talked about all sorts; about Rangers and Celtic, about horses, about pipe fencing and dry stacking. Watson mentioned that his step-daughter was a singer and was performing in the Criterion bar in the town that night. “Nashville type stuff,” he smiled. “Sassy!”

Mostly they talked about golf and war. “It must be frustrating for you having to play in that wind,” said Baz. “It’s a bit of a hazard.”

“Hey,” said Watson. “You’re a guy who knows what hazards are really like. We don’t have hazards.”

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