President’s Cup Update

I’m watching the President’s Cup on Tivo delay, and just saw the end of the morning Woods/Furyk – Singh/Appleby match.

It was pretty exciting as Woods and Furyk took the last two holes to halve the match.

The highlight was on the last hole. Furyk’s approach shot put Woods in position to make a tying putt. But first Vijay had to make a long putt for an outright win. The putt stopped on the edge of the hole. And Tiger put his in for the tie.

The best part: they play again this afternoon.

Now, controversy. Davis Love, thinking he heard Mike Wier say “its good” has picked up a ball on the green. Wier says he was talking to Trevor Immelman, telling him “good shot.”

Immelman says it’s loss of hole.  Technically, though, it was a one stroke penalty.

Because it was a misunderstanding, Davis was able to put the ball back with no penalty.

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2 thoughts on “President’s Cup Update”

  1. Knows the rules … you do not know the rules:

    From the Decisions on the Rules of Golf (I cut and pasted from the USGA site):

    2-4/3 Player Lifts Ball in Mistaken Belief That Next Stroke Conceded
    Q. In a match between A and B, B made a statement which A interpreted to mean that his (A’s) next stroke was conceded. Accordingly, A lifted his ball. B then said that he had not conceded A’s next stroke. What is the ruling?
    A. If B’s statement could reasonably have led A to think his next stroke had been conceded, in equity (Rule 1-4) A should replace his ball as near as possible to where it lay, without penalty.
    Otherwise, A would incur a penalty stroke for lifting his ball without marking its position — Rule 20-1 — and he must replace his ball as near as possible to where it lay.


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