Professional Golf Isn’t Going To Get Any Faster

“Guys out here play really slow, and they’re not going to speed up. I can be miserable, play fast all day and wait, or I can slow down a bit, which can’t hurt.”

That’s a quote from Dustin Johnson, who had a reputation as one of the faster-playing PGA Tour players. Other relatively quick players apparently have come to the same conclusion.

Not good news.

Read the article at USA Today.

I think that this is not going to change until television complains about slow play and tournaments running over time. Then, with a monetary incentive, the Tour will have to step in an speed these guys up.

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2 thoughts on “Professional Golf Isn’t Going To Get Any Faster”

  1. I don’t know that there is any easy solution to the problem. It’s only going to take one guy to play slow and it has a domino effect through the whole field.

    Perhaps putting them on the clock more often may work. Instead of fining players (most of them are wealthy), they need to penalise them strokes.

    It may have a more positive effect on the speed of play.

  2. I think the time enforcement needs to be picked up. I love watching tournaments over the weekend. However, by the time it’s over, the entire day is gone and I didn’t get one thing accomplished. It really comes back to bite me sometimes.


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