Protect from Sky Marks

So you bought a nice, new, $600 Taylor Made driver. And on your first tee shot, you popped the ball, leaving a nasty scratch that proclaims to all the world that you are a bad golfer.

No more. With the Pop Up Protector, you can coat your precious with a thin, flexible, glossy, transparent, thermoplastic elastomer that the manufacturer claims is scratchproof. Better yet: you can remove it when you actually get enough game not to pop the ball in the first place.

1 thought on “Protect from Sky Marks”

  1. This is an awesome product.  You can barely see it on the club, and it works great.  I am an Avid Hacker and had the exact experience you mentioned in the article. I received a sample in a recent golf tourney I played in down in Dallas Tx.. I’ve since purchased a pack of five for $9.99 and I am very pleased.  I’ve met or played with guys who have had it on their club for 4 and 6 months and you can see that there is no damage to their clubs just marks on the p.u.p. just like mine. I’ve changed my once and there was absolutely no marks and my club looks great.

    Have you tried the p.u.p.? If you haven’t you should.  Thanx, for your website!


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