Public Supports Huron Hills Golf Course

Ann Arbor Park Commission is considering proposals to “repurpose” the city-owned Huron Hills golf course to make it profitable. They don’t ask the city dog parks, or other facilities to turn a dollar, but somehow golf is different. The foremost plan apparently is to turn half the course into a driving range.

The Ann Arbor Chronicle has a terrific blow-by-blow of the commission’s latest meeting, in which supporters of the course turned out in force.

What I find hard to believe is that city planners, with all of their highfalutin talk of green spaces, park land and so on, would consider turning a beautiful open green golf course into a morass of nets, concrete tee boxes, fences and all the other rather ugly paraphernalia of a driving range.

2 thoughts on “Public Supports Huron Hills Golf Course”

  1. Unfortunately, golf is not popular with a large segment of Ann Arbor.  It is viewed as an elitest activity.  When combined with a questionable accounting system that creates the appearance of a large subsidy, many people agree with the idea of eliminating golf entirely.


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