Pure Michigan Campaign Revived

The Pure Michigan ad campaign—which touts Michigan’s beauty and recreational activities to potential tourists—has been revived by Governor Rick Synder. From the Detroit News:

Snyder said Thursday the decision to sign the bill here at The Henry Ford — one of Michigan’s larger tourist attractions — was easy.

“Pure Michigan has been one of our success stories in this state for a number of years,” the governor said. “It’s helped attract over 7 million people to our state, create over $2 billion in commerce, and it’s been a program that’s actually brought in more tax revenue than it’s cost our state.”

The estimated rate of return on the Pure Michigan ads is $3 for every $1 spent.

The legislation will transfer $10 million to Pure Michigan from the state’s 21st Century Jobs Fund.

Pure Michigan will launch a national advertising campaign on Monday through a partnership with Mackinac Island and The Henry Ford.

That’s al good news. Here are a couple of examples of previous ads from the campaign:

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