Pursuit Forged s510 Wedge Review

Pursuit s510 True Forged

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A classic wedge

Even as my distances off the tee and from the fairway deteriorate, my short game has stepped up to help me keep my fourteen handicap. Get me anywhere within a hundred yards of the green, and I’ll get up and down in short order. It’s the thing I find most fun about the game.

imageI’ve become a connoisseur of wedges. I carry as many as four in my bag, depending upon which course I’m going to play (pitching, gap, lob and sand). A dozen more live in my shed. Each has its season and place.

One that’s found its way into my bag this spring is a 52 degree (Gap) Pursuit s510 True Forged from GigaGolf. Designed with a classic teardrop shape, it’s as easy to look at as it is to play.

And it’s versatile. Playing from the fairway, from tight lies, bunkers, thick grass and all manner of positions, the Pursuit s510 has proved its worth. I found it especially useful in playing from hard, tight lies. The six degrees of bounce and the ability to lay the leading edge flush with the ground minimizes for me the chance of a skull, and allows me to play those shots as high and soft as out of fluffy grass.

GigaGolf manufactured the club from 1035 carbon steel with a five step forging process. This, they say, packs the molecules densely for greater feel and control. In fact, the feel of the club is what you might expect from a forging. When struck cleanly, it’s as soft and pure as any club I’ve played.

The finish on the club is chrome, with the classic dark region framing the striking area. I haven’t noticed any wear on the finish or rust, but I’ve only had the club for a month or so. The logo and lettering on the back are understated, and not in the least distracting.

Workmanship on the club is excellent. The grip is properly aligned, and the ferrule flush with the hosel, with no gaps. That last is a sure sign of care in manufacture. As a semi-pro clubmaker, I know how easy it is to just shove a ferrule on with no regard for proper fitting.

You can get the Pursuit s510 made with a variety of shaft brands and flexes, as well as various grip types. You can also get the shaft length cut to custom lengths, and a lie adjustment.

The best part is that you can get all for as little as $45. That’s about half the price of a forged wedge from one of the big names.


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1 thought on “Pursuit Forged s510 Wedge Review”

  1. I have the exact same club (52* s510). Purchased it through Giga a few years back and it remains my favorite club in my bag. I have such extreme confidence with this club when I’m in the 100-115 range. I just know it will throw a laser within 10 feet of the pin.

    Also love opening the face around the green to expose the bounce and throw nice soft pitches onto the putting surface. Spins like a mother when I need it to too.

    Oh, and it is one beautiful club to look at too. Finally gonna grab the 56 and 60 to complete the set.


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