Putter Butler Review

imagePutter Butler

Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: Simple and Useful

As regular visitors to the site know, The GolfBlogger is a dedicated walker. Short of a physical handicap, I can think of no good reason to ride in a cart. If a course forbids walking,or the design makes it difficult … play another course. There are plenty out there.

That said, I’ll point out that even though I walk, I don’t carry. Given the family history of back problems, I’m concerned about my 40-something discs. So I have a very nice Sun Mountain Speed Cart and a matching bag to push my stuff around.

The Putter is a nice little accessory for your push- or pull- cart. Made of a very hard and durable-looking material, it’s designed to be attached to one of your trolley’s uprights. The putter’s shaft then clips into the holder, keeping it both safe and handy. If you’ve got a putter like my Scotty Cameron, you’ll appreciate the fact that the head won’t get dinged up from banging against other clubs in the bag.

The only thing that keeps me from giving this product an “A” is that it likely won’t fit on all designs of carts. In fact it didn’t really work well on my Speed Cart, which has rectangular vertical bars. No matter. It works on my eldest’s pull cart, and he’s quite pleased.

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