PuttOUT Putting Trainer Review

PuttOUT Putting Trainer Review

PuttOUT Putting Trainer

PuttOUT Putting Trainer

PuttOUT Putting Trainer
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: An elegant device for purposeful putting practice.

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The PuttOUT Putting trainer is a beautifully designed device that tests not only your line, but also tempo and speed. 

The PuttOUT consists of a white rubber base from which a gracefully curved acrylic arm extends. In the center of the curve is a hole which can either be left open, or sealed off with an extending portion of the base.

A putt perfectly paced and on line will roll up the slope and stick in the hole.

PuttOUT Putting Trainer

PuttOUT Putting Trainer

 A missed putt, of course, misses the rubber disk entirely. But a putt that is just slightly off line, or with an incorrect pace will miss the hole on the slope and gently return.

The distance that the ball returns is indicative of how far a missed putt would have rolled past the hole.

The design of the PuttOUT is pure genius. You can see the Puttout in play in the video below.

The PuttOUT putting trainer has a number of advantages over other putting practice devices. First, it does not trap the ball. Many putting practice devices are deceptive because a ball that is offline will be trapped or funneled into the target area. With the PuttOUT, a ball might roll over the rubber hole area, but then miss the smaller hole on the parabola behind it. A ball that does that on the PuttOUT may very well have been one of those round-destroying five foot lip-outs on the course.

PuttOUT putting trainer
Traditional Putting Practice Devices

Second, the PuttOUT offers clear feedback on pace. Putting devices with a backstop or a trapping mechanism don’t let you know how hard you hit the ball. With the PuttOUT, a perfectly paced ball will catch in the slope’s hole. Too slow, and the ball doesn’t make it up the slope. Too fast, and it dashes up the slope and rolls over the hole on the return. The parabola is such that the distance it returns to you is the distance the ball would have gone past the hole.

Regular practice with the PuttOUT will turn those knee-knocking five to seven footers for par into a confident routine. 

PuttOUT Putting Trainer
A view of the folded PuttOut Trainer.

The PuttOUT folds away neatly, and can be safely stored in a desk drawer. In this, it has a distinct advantage over larger, electro-mechanical putting devices.

I see the PuttOUT putting trainer getting a lot of use over the winter. 

Highly Recommended.

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