Python Balls Up For Auction

Last week, I posted a story about a python in Australia who had several golf balls surgically removed from its stomach. Now, it seems that the balls are up for auction on Ebay Australia:

The slithery celebrity – dubbed Augusta – has become quite the international star.  You can purchase these world first golf balls removed from a snake, the xray of proof and photos from the operating theatre.

No we’re not taking the ‘hiss’…..
A large carpet python devoured four golf balls after mistaking them for hens’ eggs. The hapless snake entered a henhouse in Northern NSW intent on stealing a feed of eggs from a brood hen.  Unbeknownst to the hungry reptile, the hen had had trouble laying eggs, so the owner placed the golf balls under the bird (let’s call it a birdie for bad puns sake) to help it brood.
The snake was brought to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary feeling ‘sub-par’ and looking rather lumpy where he underwent emergency surgery to remove the four golf balls.
This bizarre story produced upwards of 400 national and international news articles, received countless television news coverage and produced articles from major media organisations such as The Times in London, Chicago Herald Tribune, CBS, UK Daily Mail, Fox News and Forbes New York just to name a few.  It received coverage in such far flung places as Malaysia, Germany, France, South Africa, Pakistan, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico.

Your purchase will help the operation of the not for profit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Community Hospital that treats over 4000 native animals every year.

I’m thinking about placing a bid. This would be a lot of fun to display in the lobby of GolfBlogger World Headquarters.

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