Quotes About Michigan Golf

The most recent issue of GolfWorld has two quotes about golf in Michigan.

“We’re not a golf course anymore, we’re a ski resort.”

Ron Osborne, general manager of the Binder Park GL in Battle Creek, Michigan, on the unreasonable stretch of cold and snowy weather that struck the recently opened course


BTW, Binder Park is a great looking course. It’s on my play list for this summer.

“I don’t want to start World War III over this, but the World War II veterans like the fact that we’re beating [the Japanese] again.”

Joe Gibbs, on the 1007 yard hole he is building at Chocolay Downs GC, a course he owns in Marquette, Michigan. When completed, the hole will surpass a 964 yard hoel in Sano Japan as the longest in the world.

Chocolay Downs also is on my list for this summer. Stay tuned for a review.

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