R7 To Be Replaced With R9

The now-venerable TaylorMade R7 line soon will be replaced by the R9. A flash announcement on the TMAG website says that it’s coming in March, but no more information is offered.

Rumors from a retailer acquaintance of mine, maintain that the new clubs will built around variable shafts. It makes sense, but that ‘s all I know.

Anyone out there know anything?

5 thoughts on “R7 To Be Replaced With R9”

  1. Why did it take so long?  I found the various incarnations of the R7 very difficult to figure out what the current version was. 

    I wonder if they will move on from the Quad / SuperQuad nomenclature too.  But you don’t want to take a two step interval on that.  I can’t see many players wanting to swing an R9-Hex or SuperHex.

    and here is hoping it isn’t called the R9-Pentium.

  2. So the R9 has been announced for a March 2009 release!

    I must say I feel a little cheated by my local Taylormade Pro. I only just recently bought the R7 limited in November and at that time I was assured that this was the most up to date, technology packed driver that would be their flagship model for 2009. I now know that this is most definately not the case! The biggest gripe that I have is that in bonnie Scotland the golfing season does not start untill March/April and ends in October. That means that before I have even swung my r7 limited in serious competition it will have already been superceeded! Thanks Taylormade

    Callaway FT-9….Here I come!


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