Radmor Vincent Performance Golf Pants Review

Radmor Vincent Performance Golf Pants Review

Radmor Vincent Performance Golf Pants Review

Radmor Vincent Golf Pants
Grade A
Teacher’s Comments: A slim fit with enough stretch in the right places. Flattering.

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I did not expect to like the Radmor Vincent Performance golf pants as much as I do.

On a first wearing, as Mrs. GolfBlogger made adjustments to the hems for length, I thought the “slim fit” just might be too slim. I am reasonably trim for a guy in his late fifties, but not the sort who wears skinny pants.

As it turns out, I need not have been concerned. The Radmor Vincents are trim, but not tight. Even better: the fabric is flexible, with plenty of give through the waist and seat. With “slim fit” pants, I will sometimes go up an inch in waist size; in this case I am glad I did not. The pants fit true to size.

Mrs. GolfBlogger thinks they look good on me. In fairness, she is not a fan of my more usual looser fit clothes.

Radmor Vincent Performance Golf Pants Review

I’ve worn the Radmor Vincents on several recent rounds and think they are perfect for cooler weather. On my last round, the temperature never got out of the 40s; on an earlier one the mercury registered 65. That covers a lot of days in a Michigan spring or fall.

The Radmor Vincent fabric is a stretchy soft brushed cotton twill composed of 68%¬†BCI Cotton¬†/ 29 Lyocell / 3% Elastane. That mix is in keeping with Radmor’s focus on sustainability and the company’s stated goal of being “citizens of the game.”

Mrs. GolfBlogger, an accomplished seamstress, was very complementary of the feel of the fabric.

The pants have hidden zipper pockets and a back ball pocket. The front pockets are not deep, but are deep enough. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to put in the zipper pockets, though. A few bills, perhaps, for tips. They’re too small for my phone.

Radmor is worth a look if you’re in the market for flattering, functional golf apparel with an environmentally conscious ethos.

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