Random Golf Thoughts: Spieth, Woods,

A few random thoughts on professional golf, in no particular order:

  • This PGA TOUR season, we have witnessed a true changing of the guard. Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and to a lesser extent this season, Rory McIlroy, have seized control of the professional game, and the fan’s imaginations. Throw Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson in the mix, and you’ve got the most compelling roster of players since Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Trevino and Watson.
  • I am really excited for the 2016 season. Professional golf is as competitive as it has been in a very long time. Competition and uncertainty are good for interest.
  • Just to be clear: The 2016 season begins with the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in January, not the Frys.Com Open in two weeks. As a fan, I need some time off.
  • Tiger who? If anyone thought Woods would return to Tour dominating form, the recent back surgery has to put the kibosh on that. I still think that it is remotely possible that Tiger backs into another Major by playing steady if unspectacular golf when everyone else is faltering, but even that seems unlikely at this point. In the end, Tiger’s body failed him — and if you believe some reports, it was a self-inflicted wound. Imagine what would have happened if he had stuck with Butch Harmon and one swing and body type.
  • I’m not hearing much buzz about the President’s Cup. I think it’s going to take a series of International Team victories to build some excitement over this event. Sporting events are interesting only when the outcome is in doubt. As much as I want the US to win, for the good of the event, an International Team win is needed. Maybe two.
  • This year, the International Team has as good a shot as they could possibly have at winning the President’s Cup. Jason Day, Adam Scott, Louis Oosthuizen, Branden Grace and Charl Schwartzel are an impressive bunch.
  • I found  McIlroy’s comments about not being motivated by $10 million interesting — and admirable. The world would be a much better place if everyone worked hard out a passion for their job. For my own part, with my degrees and skills, I could have a MUCH better paying job than teaching public school. But I am not motivated primarily by money. To be sure, things would be much easier for me if I was earning millions, but I would not approach the job of teaching with any more or less dedication for all that. However, lest my employers read this and think I am willing to take a fifth pay cut in five years … no.
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2 thoughts on “Random Golf Thoughts: Spieth, Woods,”

  1. I do think it is a good time for golf. I think some credit should be given to Tiger, Phil & the gang, plus the USGA/PGA managers for getting such a fine group of professional athletes to chose this game instead of the many other possibilities that are out there, these days.


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