Random Golf Thoughts: Rory; More Distance; Podcasts

  • The new TaylorMade R1 and RBZ Stage 2 are supposed to add ten yards to your shots. Last year’s added 7. And that was promises of more yards in each of the previous half dozen years. By those numbers, I now should be hitting my drives about 300 yards. Note that this is not a criticism of TaylorMade. EVERY manufacturer makes similar promises.

  • I wonder why such a big fuss is being made over Rory saying he might not play in the Olympics. He will.

  • If you’re a Peter Kessler fan, you might be interested in his new golf podcast

  • Tee2Grin is an upcoming golf humor podcast. It might be worth checking out.

  • The BCS and Big Money have killed College Bowls for me. Under the old bowl system, I used to spend a couple of days watching as many of the bowls as possible, often setting up two or three televisions in a room. By end-of-day January 1, it was over and everyone knew who the mythical National Champion was. Now, with the bowl games spread out over six weeks, I don’t even know when the games are on … nor do I care. I watched my two alma maters: WVU and Michigan. And that’s it. Big Money has ruined college football.

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